Point of view


Ronald Dupont’s work is  informed  by  photographs  that  he  takes  during  his international travels, as well as the use of satellite imagery, electronic mapping, and  drone  photos.His  paintings  are  often  innovative versions  of  what  one  may see  from  a  satellite  or  from  a  bird’s-eye  view.His  imagery  shifts  between sharpness and blurriness.

His paintings have photographic quality when viewed from a  distance,  with  perfect  proportions  and  compositions  in  place;  yet,  come close  and  the  viewer  starts  noticing  some  blurs  and  smudges  and  the  imagery breaks  into  abstraction.  The viewer’s eye loses itself  in  the  complexity  and  the richness of Dupont’s compositions, the bold colors and sophisticated textures.

To some extent, that is achieved by mixing oil with Venice Turpentine that enables the artist  to  capture  the  vibrating  reflections  and  the  incredible  energy  of  a  big city – an outsider’s vision in glorious Technicolor

“In my paintings of aerial views of cities, there is figuration and abstraction. It’s a matter of distance. From a distance, the painting is  easily  recognizable  as  a  city  view,  but  when  you come closer,  the  representation  dissolves  into  a  mixture  of colors and shades,” states the artist.

The  play  of figurative vs.  abstract  is  captured  in  a  different  way  in  Dupont’s  rain-themed  paintings,  in  which  hyper-realistic  rain  drops  and  drippings  on  a  glass surface are juxtaposed with blurred out scenery outside the window, recognizable yet not clearly defined.  “These rain-themed paintings come from a bus in London. The rain  was  streaming  down  the  windshield.  You  could  no  longer  make  out  the houses, the streets… The colors of the city were mingled and accentuated by the headlights of the cars. There was something poetic, nostalgic… The paintings are a representation of our relationship to reality that we transfigure by looking at it,” says Dupont.

Ronald  Dupont  was  born  in  1961  in  Belgium  where  he  lives  and  works  today.    The artist has been exhibiting his work worldwide for the past 30 years including France, Belgium,  Holland,  Germany,  USA,  Lebanon   and   Dubai.  His   work is  included numerous international collections.