Designer, Stéphane Ducatteau, mainly works with sheet metal and acid-treated steel and stainless steel. Furniture is for him the support for the development of a certain aesthetic. His approach to furniture is resolutely turned towards sculpture. The voluptuousness and ergonomics of the curves that it shapes generate emotion and sensuality. The metal takes on an ebony look thanks to the patinas that Stéphane brilliantly uses. Each piece is made in a unique way with the rigor and mastery of an artistic ironworker.

Stéphane Ducatteau has an initial scientific training in engineering and has followed several years of evening classes at the Beaux-Arts workshops in the city of Paris in drawing, painting, modeling, and glasswork. After having worked as an engineer in an architectural firm, Stéphane Ducatteau devoted a year of training to the Ironwork of Art. He wanted to make his own models by refusing to dissociate design and production of the object.